What should I expect during my visit?

We are located in crosstown, a minutes walk from Rogers Arena. We are a fast paced nail salon with one goal in mind, and thats to beautify your nails!!! You are to expect a clean modern everything nail salon, and if there are any questions or concerns, please call us before hand or click our online chat and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

If I arrive late do I lose my appointment?

We try our best to accommodate and honour all of our appointments however, if you are running late please give us a call at 604-568-8208 and let us know. We will try our best to keep your appointment for you. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment we have the right to give your appointment to a walk in client.

What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

We prefer 24 hours notice for any change in your appointments, we do not require deposits on single appointments.

Is there availability for private parties and group event?
Yes! We have a total of 12 manicure tables including our 4 tables on our mezzanine and 8 pedicure stations. We prefer as much notice as possible and require a 50% deposit on completion of booking. Please click here to book a party or chat with us live so we can help you get started.
How do you clean your products?

All our stainless steel tools are scrubbed with an antibacterial soap and soaked in 70% alcohol for a minimum of 10 minutes, this is the protocol set out by Health Canada.

Will acyclic nails damage my nails?

Acrylic nails do not ruin your nails if they are done by an experienced nail technician. Removal must be done by a professional, if you try to remove your nails on your own improperly you will cause damage and weakness to your natural nails.

How long does gel polish last?

Gel polish lasts up to 2 weeks without chipping. If your nails chip within 7 days without aggressive use, please come in and we can fix it on the house!

Can I purchase gift certificates?

Yes you may purchase gift certificates in store, if you cannot make it and would like to give a loved one the gift of Bling don’t sweat it!! Give us a call and we may help you process over the phone or over our live chat.